First Birthday Party Checklist


Where: If your event is at a time where the weather can be quite unpredictable, having it indoors is your best bet. If you are having a lot of guests, or your event is taking place during a nice season, having it outdoors with lots of room to play in fresh air is great also! At Playland hire, we can set up/pack up in any configuration - indoors and outdoors. The kids will have a great time no matter where they are! 

Time: Choose a Sat/Sun closest to the actual date. Try to time the birthday party just after the nap so they will be happy and well rested! Don't have the party go on for too long or else (especially for younger children) they will start to get overwhelmed and cranky quickly.

Guest List: Let's face it, for their first birthday, you will be inviting more of your family/friends and their children. You can also invite daycare and Mother's Group parents and children. Work friends and their kids as well. Remember it's a time to celebrate one of your child's biggest milestone (as well as yours!) Congrats, you all survived!

  • Decide date/time/venue
  • Choose theme
  • Create guestlist
  • Create/make/send invitations
  • Book Playland hire
  • Order cake (and cake smash)
  • Buy or order decorations
  • Food & Drinks Menu
  • Gift bags
  • Print out photos of your little ones (birth to now)
  • Organise who will be taking photos on the day (friends/family/professional)